I’m a widow / and I’m hot to do you

Now listening to the FREE live Robert Pollard album Moon that Merge Records sent me when I pre-ordered Normal Happiness last month. The song “I’m a Widow” absolutely kills on this. Listen for yourself!

I now have 50 releases in my personal collection from Robert Pollard – including LP’s, 7″‘es, CD’s, Singles, box sets from Guided by Voices, solo albums and all the one-off side projects. Yikes.

One thing I like about ordering directly from labels is that they generally throw in freebies (Merge also sent me a cool Normal Happiness poster). Even with exchange, it tend to be a lot cheaper than buying it at HMV.


One thing I sometimes think about is that I wish I had more friends that were authors. I have one – my good friend Jeff Campbell has been writing really great Sci-Fi novels since I have known him. Which reminds me that I miss Jeff a lot. He lives in Vancouver, and I usually only talk to him once a year or so.

I have lots of artist friends, musician friends – but novelists are few and far between. I once took a stab at it – I wrote a short novella about this family living in a false room after the town that they were living in was occupied by an invading alien force – it was V meets Anne Frank, and it was as badly written as it was embarrassing. I also took a stab at writing a play and a radio-drama, to equally disastrous results.

The reason why this comes up is that November is Novel Writing Month! The idea is to produce a 50 thousand word novel from scratch in 30 days, no matter how terrible the result.

If I wasn’t in the trenches with my class work, I would be totally game to try this. Thus, my humble readers, in order to increase my cultural capital by having more novelist friends, I challenge you to write a bad novel this month. Bonus points if you are already an artist or musician (i.e. visual artist and novelist is worth three times the amount of cultural capital!).

It’s only fair, as I am providing the same to you (i.e. “my friend the sociologist says that…).

Also, I will settle for you to learn rock paper scissors 101 with me if you don’t want to write a shitty novel.

Update: the shittier the better.

3 thoughts on “I’m a widow / and I’m hot to do you

  1. I am an artist already! Double the cultural impact! If it weren’t for this craft fair… I am already very unprepared. How many words? 50,000? Maybe I’ll try. Maybe I’ll challenge Jared to a write off…. OR better yet, we could co-auther a book. Each write a chapter, after deciding ahead of time on a loose plot structure. Jared, if you are reading, what do you think?

    Janey-emm who is my friend on Live journal has announced the same event, Novel Writing Month, in past years and also written a novel, maybe too. She is about 30 times smarter than I am though. Read her blog, it’s a laugh.

    Also, if me not posting is preventing your slacking, why not go back and read what is 2 years worth of previous posts. My LJ’s 2 year birthday is coming up this November. You can give her several nice comments for her special day.

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