“I thought of maybe quittin'”

I am about to enter… stats hell. I have an exam that I have been studying for over a week now. I am either totally over prepared, or I may get called on the fact that I don’t get a word of this shit. Or maybe I do…

Interval Estimates: Point estimation ignores sampling variability  An interval estimate of a parameter is a range of values of the sample estimates that has known probability of containing the parameter. Example: Constructing a confidence interval around a Mean The notion of an interval estimate of a parameter $\theta$with a confidence coefficient is assumed to be familiar. A point estimate, on its own, doesn’t convey any indication of reliability, but a point estimate together with its standard error would do so. This idea is incorporated into a confidence interval, which is a range of values within which we are “fairly confident” that the true (unknown) value of the parameter $\theta$lies. The length and location of the interval are random variables and we cannot be certain that $\theta$will actually fall within the limits evaluated from a single sample. So the object is to generate narrow intervals which include $\theta$with a high probability.

 errr.. wish me luck.

In other news: my iPod is broken. Again. I have had the thing for about two years… wait I had one, it broke after a year, so I sent it back and this is my second one, and it seems to be broken again. I call bullshit.

Finally (before I go to die), Borat didn’t make it to Lethbridge or Calgary this week. Argh. I’ve been waiting to see this movie since the Summer, and I have let the hype and the brillant publicity and promotion work me into a frenzy. I was even going to get a sitter for my son so I could go see it tonight, and NOTHING!!

Movie blue-balls.

Question: what do you want for Xmas?

5 thoughts on ““I thought of maybe quittin'”

  1. I want Borat for Christmas! In my house! Being funny and subversive! Although, having him tonight would have been much much better….. stupid Lethbridge.

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