On: Urban Alienation

See, the thing is that I have been to Calgary a billion times. Living in Lethbridge, it was the closest city with good shows and half decent record stores.

Hell, I even lived here 1996-1997. I was trying to make something out of myself (i.e. I wanted to be a rock star. Don’t laugh.) and I ended up scurrying back to Lethbridge when I felt insecure about things.

Here I am, and I am basically alone the entire week, sitting in my shitty (shitty) office, with no windows and with nobody around. Ultra-depressing. Perhaps it is the Statistics exam I just cannot convince myself to care about? Or maybe the fact that I am not here on the weekends, so I have missed all the important bonding that goes on between grad cohorts? Or perhaps it is because everything I care about is two hours (light years) away?

Either way, I am out of sorts today.


I went to check some books out of the UofC library, I managed to severely annoy no less than three librarians:

Q: “Can I get course reserves here, Mr. Bearded Librarian man?”

A: “No, they are through those doors” (severely annoyed at me).

Move to the course reserves area:

Q: “Hi ‘classic’ Librarian lady, I need to take a book out of course reserves.”

A: (severely annoyed) “Book or article?”


(even more annoyed) “They are on. the. shelves. behind. you.” (walks away)

Find the book I was looking for (plus another I wasn’t, bonus)

Q: “Excuse me again, sorry to bother you mam, how long can I take these out for?”

“They were on the shelf behind you. What does the sign say? The sign says “Three. Day. Course. Reserves. (walks away).”

I go to the checkout area again (same bearded guy, severe need of a bath and a trim), who checks my books out, and says to me”This one has a CD in it. You need to pass the CD through to the guy sitting in the cubicle by the exit”

I go over to the exit, and this guy, whose job it is to a) pass books through to the other side of the sensors and b) act passive aggressively towards students. I start taking the CD out, as per instruction, and this guy looks at me like I just pulled my wang out in church. He says to me:

“What do you think you are doing? Just pass the whole book to me” (and I swear, I heard under his breath “Gaaawwwd”).

Welcome to Calgary. Bitches.


3 thoughts on “On: Urban Alienation

  1. I like the “wang in church” line. Also, I think that many librarians (I can’t say all, because of our dear Katie) feel inconvienienced when they are forced to do more than file books according to Dewey Decimal. Once, at the UofL library, the woman at the check out desk BLEW HER NOSE AND COUGHED all over (ALL OVER!) the items I was checking out. I swear, it was her revenge because she had to renew my library privileges. Needless to say, I had to douse them in Lysol when I got home. ewwww.

  2. This might be inappropraite so close to certain messacres, but certain people might think it’s not all that shocking that Joe Everyman goes postal now and then on certain average other people. Not the Nice Amish of course, who stay off to the side, and according to the vile Oprah show my mom was watching, report “99% happiness”. Oprah and her lesbian life mate Gale King ate Amish food and talked about it’s simple preparation but wholesome home-grown nature and the delicious results and Oprah pronounced that 98% happiness sounded allright! to her. That’s come fucking cutting edge journalism, Oprah. Ask one Amish couple what percentage of the time they are happy, cut and print. Invistigative Journalism at it’s finest.

    Back to my point: Those libratians are dicks, and people in the service industry (sorry bitches, that’s what libraraians are there to do. You signed up, not me) who do big SIIIIGHS when you try and get help from them are actually killing fairies, puppies and joy itself with every heave of their lungs. You CHOSE to be there, service workers! You could make everyone’s day a little nicer by simply NOT being a dink OR you could remind everyone you meet how futile existance is. Suck it UP!

  3. I was in Calgary two weeks ago and didn’t seem to have that problem. Then again, I wasn’t at the U of C. Hey have you eaten at Muzaj on 7th SW downtown? Great sandwiches.

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