University of Lethbridge Upass

A vote was put to the University of Lethbridge student body whether to increase fees by $52 a semester in exchange for a semester long bus pass for registered students. I just read that 60% of students voted no. This is dissapointing (but not suprising).

Having two degrees from the UofL, I am well aware of the lack of vision held by a large portion of the student body, especially when it involves things that do not involve 1)trucks 2)the bar.

I don’t get this town.


4 thoughts on “University of Lethbridge Upass

  1. I was disappointed as well. I’m not s student, but a vote in favour of it would have been good for transit in Lethbridge all around. I wonder what the U of L students would have said if they had been at the U of A were they voted in favour of a UPass that costs twice as much as what was proposed in Lethbridge.

  2. First off, the transit system in Lethbridge is terrible at best.
    Second, Upass will pass in Lethbridge once the transit system becomes anything like it is in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver…. Okay BC in general.
    Third, the city did a horrific job of promoting the service, could be because of #1, it’s hard to promote crap.

    Just my .02

  3. Apparently, Shawn, you either weren’t a transit user in Lethbridge five years ago, or you haven’t used it since five years ago. Lethbridge has made enormous strides in public strides in the last five years. They still have more to do, but it certainly is far from terrible.

    As well, I should mention, that many of the students were in favour of a U-Pass system, but they were not willing to have a universal increase in tuition fees to cover the cost of it.

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