“Resident Expert”

I was interviewed by The Atlantic Monthly yesterday for a long form piece that the journalist (Arthur Poe) is writing on Metafilter. I was interviewed as the “resident expert,” seeing as how I wrote my thesis on Metafilter. It went well, and I am excited to read the piece.

It is strange that writing a thesis on something makes me an expert  – I don’t feel like an expert, and I could probably list a handfull of Mefites that know a lot more about the social mechanics of Metafilter. Either way, being interviewed about my research feels validating, and I made some notes from the conversation from some ideas I had for my dissertation (which will not be on Metafilter – I’ve done enough damage there). I also made a new connection – I was extended an offer to send an article for consideration in the Atlantic Monthly (this is good!).


I noted that I had found this the other day. I am obsessed with it now.


Why is YouTube so amazing? Here is another find for you: Michel Foucault debating Noam Chomsky.

part 2


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