Watch as Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) punches a fan…

Watch, at about 1:10, Jeff Tweedy puches a fan… in the face!:

and then the apology:

I woudn’t have apologized if I was in Jeff’s place. When you are on stage, you are in a vulnerable position, you are not in your right frame of mind, and so it makes sense for him to have reacted in this way. As a concert goer and sometimes musician, I know full well that the “bastards” usually win, and make every attempt to spoil the show for the rest of the audience.

Wilco’s website has the following to say about it:

“It was clear fairly early on that security was a bit lax at the Shrine Mosque. We had decided in advance to not have a barricade in front of the stage (a mistake?) so the band and crowd could be as close together as possible. The band prefer it that way…

During the first encore a young man jumped onto the stage and did the requisite salute to his pals. While we certainly do not encourage that kind of behavior, we were prepared to let it go, as he was, it seemed, heading back into the crowd. Just when it appeared he was walking off the stage he turned around and moved towards Tweedy from behind. Jeff did not see him approaching, but felt the guy’s hands on his head. To this, Jeff reacted. As Jeff put it… ‘I really regret what happened last night. I wish it had gone another way… and i suspect had i felt safer on that stage, had security been doing a better job all night long, well things would have gone differently. He approached me from behind… and I reacted in defense to get him away. I didn’t know what his intentions were… and I had to get him off of me. I’m sad that it happened at all.'”

I saw Wilco this summer for the first time, and it is one of the best shows I have ever seen.


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