Robert Pollard – Normal Happiness (album #4582)

Robert Pollard: Accidental Texas Who / (Normal Happiness, out tomorrow (or never)).
There are few things in this tight globe that I heart more than Dr. Pollard. The man can do more in 96 seconds than even my trusty toaster can (and oooh, do I love toast).

Listen in at around the 0:20 mark, and try to resist the awesomeness.

Listen to the economy of that guiatar solo at 0:54, and try not to jump off a bridge at the thought that you (my friend) will never create anything this awesome in your short, pathetic life.

You suck: never in your sad, puny existance have you ever worked as hard as this to make another human being as happy as this song made me this morning.

Think about it.


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