Google buys YouTube for 1.65 BILLION dollars

Read about it here.

That is $1,852,371,454.44 Canadian. That is in BILLIONS.

Things to note:

  • At this point, YouTube has made $0.00 USD.
  • YouTube is the MOST popular non-search engine related website
  • Today, YouTube also made deals with Universal, Sony BMG, CBS
  • Google’s corporate mandate was (still is?) “Don’t Be Evil,” and as such, is the only near monopoly that I love.
  • Did you know that UofC doesn’t allow the sale of Coke on campus? How am I supposed to get my DC fix? DP sucks ass.

One thought on “Google buys YouTube for 1.65 BILLION dollars

  1. Google’s motto still is “Don’t be evil”. There was a feature article in Time magazine a few months ago about Google and their push to become accessible to global markets and serving different political/social/geological interests while still maintaining their “good-guy” operating system. Apparently, if you type in “Tianamen Square” on the Chinese version of Google, you get quite a different result than if you search it in Canada and the U.S. Good article, you should read it!

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