“Chips Ahoy” by The Hold Steady (Powerpoint style)

The Hold Steady / Chips Ahoy! /Album: Boys and Girls In America / Year: 2006

A Day at the Races:

  • (she) bet nine hundred dollars (USD) on a horse
  • horse number five
  • name may/may not be Chips Ahoy
  • ran the sixth race
    • won this race by six lengths

Pros and Cons?

(girl) Pros:

  • likes to get high for extended periods of time
  • may have esp
    • i.e. always knows which horse is going to finish first
  • soft

(girl) Cons:

  • Tip for winning horse may have come from another boy
    • competition?
  • hard to tell if she is high
  • addicted to painkillers
  • doesn’t like to be touched
  • doesn’t like to dance
  • hard on the heart
  • migraine headaches
    • these may be used as an excuse not to do “it”
    • does “it” too much (pro?)


Though this girl likes to get high and bet on the horses, this relationship may in fact be doomed from the start. How are you supposed to know if she is high if she won’t be touched and refuses to dance? Save yourself the heart ache, and break it off before you become too involved.


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